Tilaawatul Quran Competition 2018 – Ustazahs Challenge

05 May 2018
19 Sha’ban 1439


2018 marks the 10 Anniversary since the launch of the Tilawatul Quran competition. To celebrate the growth, a series of competitions have been planned to be taking place during the next 6 months, each to be catered to a different set of participants. The first leg of celebrations took place on 5th May 2018, whereby over 100 Ustazahs from Madrasah As-Soabereen’s Bishan, Eunos and Yishun branches gathered at Masjid Darul Aman (Dewan Khadijah) to witness a unique Tilaawatul Quran Challenge that was exclusively organised for all Ustazahs.






Prior to this event, about 45 Ustazahs went through auditions and only 24 Ustazahs emerged as finalists. Ustazahs participated in one of the following three categories:
1) Tilaawath Category – Ustazahs recited a chosen Surah and gave a short sharing on it.
2) Tilaawath & Spontaneous Recital Category – Ustazahs recited a chosen Surah and a spontaneous set of verses on the spot.
3) Qariah & Spontaneous Recital Category – Ustazahs recited a spontaneous set of verses and imitated a Qari’s recitation on the spot. 





The Qariah and Spontaneous Recital Category was indeed the first of its kind as Ustazahs were challenged to spontaneously imitate a difficult Qari’s recitation, namely Muammar Za’s recitation of Surah Ad-Dhuha. The nuances displayed in his varied pitches and the long breaths observed in his recitation of certain Quran ayats were a big feat for the category participants. However, they calmly persevered through and displayed their best skills.




Apart from a nail-biting performance in the Qariah category, Ustazahs also had a fruitful session as participants shared about what touched their hearts about their chosen surahs and what are the main take-aways from it. The following passage was a sharing made by one of our participant who read Surah Mujaadilah Verses 6 & 7.

The main point of the ayat is that Allah is aware of our intentions and there is no private conversation. We can have a private conversation in a small group of 3 where he will be the 4th one and in a group of 5 he is the 6th one. This ayat really impacted me as I find it striking how many of us simply talking secrets is not a big deal but what we don’t realise is that Allah is always watching us. A bad action need not necessarily has to be done or said out loud but Allah is fully aware just by looking at our intentions. Most of us may know this but before each action we do or before we say something, do we always keep in mind that Allah is watching? Indeed Allah know what is in the heavens and what is on the earth.




The audience were indeed deeply touched by the recitations and the sharing. One of them even commented the following to signify the development of the Ustazahs:

The event helped to get Ustazahs to “up their game” and work on self-improvement, serving as a role-model for the younger Ustazahs and students.



A special video showcasing Ustazahs’ roles in the Tilaawatul Quran Competitions history was also shared. It featured them as being organisers, trainers, technicians and even judges.


Indeed, the Ustazahs have come a long way. The last challenge was back in 2011. The Ustazahs’ Tilaawatul Challenge 2018 has indeed been a developmental stepping stone for our Ustazahs to challenge themselves and stretch beyond their capabilities.


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