Ustazahs’ Professional Development Session – 2

On 01 April 2017, we had our second Ustazahs’ Professional Development Session(UPDS)! Allahumdullia! The second  UPDS had Three Speakers who shared about understanding the students and how to make the lessons more productive.

Sharing about Child Psychology

The Session kick started with Ms Dheenul sharing on understanding your children with psychology. It was an eye-opener for the attendee, as the presentation gave valuable tips on do’s and don’ts when handling a child and nurturing the child. On top of that, she also gave us tips about understanding the child mindset and treating them according to. It was very engaging and fruitful.




The second Speaker was Ms Ashefa. She shared about understanding the students and making the lesson plan according to their needs. It was useful to the audience as they take away the different types of lesson plans and techniques that can be used to engage children and how to find children’s learning ability.

Understanding the teacher and students relationship.

Lastly, Ms Ayeesha ended off the session by sharing about different creative resources that can be used in experiential learning. In addition she shared about being a good leader. Her positive enthusiasm certainly squeezes the brain juice of the audience.

Sharing Time!







Allahumdullia! The attendees found the sharing session useful and engaging one.

In sha Allah, Our next Ustazahs’ Professional Development Session(UPDS) on May, do look forward to it!

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