Young Achievers’ Day 2019

3 November 2019
6 Rabiul Awwal 1441H


Madrasah As-Soabereen (Bishan) held its Annual Prize Giving day. “Young Achievers Day.” Masjid An-Nahdhah Board Members graced the occasion as our guests. Following the welcome speech, we were honoured with special talk from GOH and our Principal, Ustad Ali.

This wonderful event aims to motivate all our students from Pre-Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and even Parents Class groups who has put in sincere efforts to attend weekly religious classes and to eagerly learn to read Quran and memorize Quranic’ Surahs from the Holy Book.

Through this “Young Achiever’s Day” we hope that each child has been inspired to work towards reaching greater heights.

There was a wall of fame that displayed all the students, who had work hard to excel in their madrasah studies thus far. This wall has pictures of them and short write ups of the student explaining what motivates them to memorise the Quran. There was also a ‘thank you card’ booth for the students to thank the people who has helped them in their journey towards their success.

The event came to a closure with the prize presentation of trophies and hampers. Students were recognized and awarded for Quran memorisation, best attendance and overall achievement. We also gave out a special prize named as “Guardians of Masjid”. This was given out to students who regularly visited the Masjid for extra classes or to recite their memorised surahs to their Ustazahs. This year for the first time, prizes were given out to the students by their parents to share the memorable experience and to give continuous support for their children. This was indeed very close to our students’ hearts as they felt that it was extra special and meaningful.

Parents Class

For the first time ever, the parents class came live on stage. It begun with beautiful Qiraath recitation that was followed by an enact on a simple, yet an impactful skit of conversation on daily Islamic way of life. This was to further reach out the learning experience to the guests present during the event. Prizes were awards to parents who have persevered to accomplish their learning process amidst juggling having family and work responsibilities. This certainly showed that if there is a will, there is a way to achieve the goals in life.

وَمَا تَوْفِيْقِىْۤ اِلَّا بِاللّٰهِ‌ ؕ ‏

My success is only by Allah.

Surah Hud: Verse 88

During the prize award ceremony, each level showcased their Talent-Time Finalists, who performed either as solo, dual or as a group under various themes. The Prize Presentation Ceremony for every level was concluded by announcing the Talent-Time winners and awarding them for their creative and confident presentation.

Pre-school: My Love for Allah

Our student from the Nursery class, started off with reciting the opening surah. It was followed by solo performances from the kindergarten level with 3-D props on Allah’s Holy House and why Allah loves cleanliness. It was wrapped up by the talented Nursery kids’ colourful nasheed performance. Indeed, it was a good platform to showcase their growing talents.

Lower Primary: My Love for the Quran

Many lower primary students took part in the Talent-Time competition and shared the various ways they have explored expressing their Love for the Quran. This includes beautiful recitation of the Quran, explanation about the Quran, sharing of their learning about the fascinating creations such as the solar system and mother nature mentioned and their uses for Mankind. Wow, Talent-Time has indeed helped to bring out their creative exploration.

Upper Primary-Tertiary Girls: My love for Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

These level girls commenced their performances with beautiful Qirath recitations and accompanied with on the spot translation of the surah. The Talent-Time finalists presented their talents based on the theme, ‘Love for Rasulullah (S.A.W)’ through a skit, sharing about their creatively invented snack-dish and drink using dates and figs, and scientific experiments to show how to attract goodness and repel evilness using simple materials such as water, glitter and liquid soap. Through this competition, friendship bonds were strengthened, students could extend their knowledge by interconnecting their learning experiences with their daily life and surroundings as they explored many creative means to convey their love for our beloved Prophet Rasulullah (S.A.W).

Food and Decorations

The event was fulfilled with sumptuous variety of food delightedly contributed by our students’ parents. There was also a photo booth that many took with fun poses. Limelight take-way was the wall of fame that highlighted the young achievers. The guests had a memorable time among the beautiful floral themed decorations and returned home with a door gift that aims to serve as a constant reminder. We a very thankful for the support from the parents that Allah (S.A.W) has bestowed upon for continuous success. Alhamdulillah.

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