Young Achievers’ Day cum Talent Time Finale 2019 (Eunos)

02 November 2019

5 Rabi’ul Awwal 1441H

The Young Achievers’ Day cum Talent Time Finals was held on 2nd Nov 2019 in Masjid Darul Aman exclusively for the students in the East Branch. Jointly organized by the Eunos Ustazahs Team, the event took place from 1.30pm to 6.30pm at Dewan Khadijah.

Alhamdulilah! This was our second year organizing the Annual Day to celebrate our students’ achievements. This year’s theme was “Young Achiever’s Day” which is to commemorate the successes of our students who had done well in Qur’an memorization and many other aspects at such a young age. Students who showed continued improvement throughout this year were also recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

Masha Allah, we garnered more than 200 families to celebrate the successes of their children on this meaningful occasion. It is definite that we cannot do without their support and motivation as they play an important role in actively engaging their children to give their best.

This year, unlike a typical Annual Day, we had an exciting segment prior to the actual prize presentation. Our Talent Time Finals was successfully held for the first time in Eunos. Several selected students performed on stage as either a solo or a group. A stunning array of performances were lined up for the audience. Performances included group nasheed and group Qur’an/Hadith recitation, to name a few. The Talent Time competition presented our aspiring students with a valuable opportunity to showcase their talents and love for the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Our students, together with the support from their parents and ustazahs, prepared tirelessly in the weeks preceding to the Finals.

The event began with a wonderful performance by the Nursery to K2 students who performed a nasheed. It was followed by the start of the Talent Time competition. The emcees introduced the various categories and participants. The participants were from lower, middle and upper primary/secondary levels. Each of the soloists and groups presented a write-up on their performance and gave their best on stage. They were simultaneously graded by judges on their creativity and presentation. Certainly, performing on stage is not easy feat. Through this exposure, students would have acquired confidence and speaking skills. They are also able to express their thoughts clearly.

Once the Talent Time performances were over, the judges were given buffer time to finalise the Talent Time Finals results. This was followed by the start of the Annual Day presentation, where outstanding students were called up to the stage to receive their medals and hampers. It kickstarted with awarding the Iqra’ students who had progressed to Qur’an. Afterwards, the students who had memorized 20 surahs and those who had progressed to Qur’an and memorized 10 surahs. Students who demonstrated discipline in coming to madrasah regularly, most improved and overall achievers in each class were recognized as well.

Finally, the time came for the Talent Time Finals results to be announced. A total of 3 awards were presented to students from each of the levels, to recognize their talents in the distinct categories. With that, Hazrat addressed the parents and thanked them for their continuous support in grooming young talents. Our chosen Qur’an ayat in line with this year’s theme serves us to remind that the many successes we share are from Allah (s.w.t) and without His help, none of this would be possible.

My success is only by Allah – Quran (11:88)

We are very thankful for our sponsors who volunteered to provide refreshments for the event and congratulate the students for their outstanding performance. Insha Allah, may we strive to continue grooming our students to be young imams and ustazahs of the future. Ameen!

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