Hajj Roadshow 2023

The 2023 Hajj Roadshow, themed “Then He Will Not Neglect Us,” offers a profound homage to the extraordinary sacrifices and faith of Hajar (a.s). The Roadshow invites visitors to embrace the message of perseverance, reliance on Allah, and the transformative power of unwavering trust by way of immersive exhibits and thought-provoking presentations.

Weeks before the roadshow, the boys came early in the morning to prepare the models for the booth. With their dedication, they ensured every detail was perfect, eager to create an engaging and captivating experience for the Roadshow visitors. Other boys helped towards designing the slides and posters for the visuals to be placed around the booth. Their commitment and teamwork were evident as the models took shape, beautifully reflecting the fundamentals of the Hajj Pilgrimage and the inspiring story of Hajar (a.s).

On July 2nd, the day arrived for our Hajj roadshow at Bishan. There was a lot of prepping work for the various models and booths in the night before and the morning. The boys had transported the huge models from the basement to level 1 outside the prayer hall. They completed the setup before the Zohor prayers.

The main attractive models in the roadshow were the Hajj: Step-by-Step model and the Hajar (a.s) related models. The Hajj Step by Step models were a captivating sight at the exhibition. Surrounding the informative posters were mini models depicting each ritual of the Hajj pilgrimage. Visitors marvelled at the intricate details and easily followed the journey of a pilgrim through these engaging displays.

The booth on Hajar (a.s) was the most significant. It shares on her meeting with Sarah (a.s) and Ibrahim (a.s). How Allah (s.w.t) made them come together, and they shared their moments in life helping others while they were travelling. It also shares on Hajar (a.s) strength in building a strong community among the people that came over to Mecca at that time.

In the kids’ booth, there was a fascinating aeroplane model that represented students embarking on a journey to Makkah. Excitement filled the air as children explored the vast world of Hajj through this engaging exhibit. Additionally, a gigantic Kaaba model stood majestically, captivating young minds and allowing them to experience the magnificence of this sacred place.

During the poster competition, posters from various levels of the mosque, ranging from parents to kids and students. It showcased their unique perspectives on the theme of Hajj and its significance & about Hajar (a.s). The competition sparked enthusiasm and artistic expression, leaving the entire community inspired by the diverse talents and dedication of its members.

In conclusion, the Hajj Roadshow of the year was a resounding success. With its immersive exhibits and informative presentations, it vividly brought to life the essence of the Hajj pilgrimage and the inspiring story of Hajar (a.s). The dedication of the boys in preparing the models and the creativity displayed in the poster competition added a special touch to the event. The Step by Step models proved to be an enlightening and engaging experience, guiding visitors through the sacred rituals of Hajj. Together, the Roadshow fostered a sense of unity and understanding, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended, young and old alike.