IMSSA FUTSAL Boys 2023 (June)

After our outing in March where we went to Changi Beach, we decided to arrange a futsal for all of our boys during a public holiday in June. As it was a public holiday, it was difficult to book courts for the boys to play. The Ustazahs & Ustazs tried hard and managed to book the futsal courts in the Yishun arena.

The boys gathered to the nearest MRT station and the Ustazs brought them to the Futsal Arena. We split the boys into different courts based on their class so that they can have a fun and friendly game with their friends.

The futsal was arranged for P4 – P6 boys, and lower secondary boys. Our ustads also joined to play futsal with the boys to bond, relax and have fun together. During the time spent there, our ustazs, ustazahs, and some boys played basketball near the futsal court. While the other boys played futsal. They all enjoyed their time playing futsal with their fellow friends. They also managed to make new friends through this fun experience.

After the boys had a fun time playing, the boys were given refreshments to energize themselves. The boys each were given a goodie bag filled with finger food, snacks, and drinks.

The boys enjoyed having the food and were happy. Throughout the whole time, the boys were enjoying themselves. We strive to continuously bring our boys to more fun activities throughout the year and help them bond with their peers. Since this is PSLE year for the P6, we do not want to keep stressing them to study and believe that this kind of activity serves as an outlet to recharge. Overall, the boys enjoyed themselves and they are eagerly waiting for the next futsal event.