Canva Workshop

Date: 10th June 2022 3pm – 5pm 

          16th June 2022 10am – 12pm 

Mode: Zoom 

As the June holiday kickstarted, we had a Canva workshop to teach the children some editing skills. We aimed to introduce a simple graphics designing software called Canva. 

We held two different workshops: 

  1. Poster-making workshop 
  2. Video-editing workshop

The Poster-making workshop was held on 9th of June whereas the Video-editing workshop occurred on the 16th of June. Many young students were very eager to learn these new skills. The Ustazahs provided a simple walkthrough of the different available functions such as templates, graphics, texts, elements and many more. They had asked a lot of questions when it was unfamiliar but with guidance, they were able to understand them quickly. 

After the children understood the functions, they were assigned to do a sample poster or video. They then shared their screen to showcase their posters and videos! There were many fantastic works created by them, even in the short time period! Mashallah, we were delighted to see that there are so many talented kids! 

We believe that this session allowed the girls and boys to learn various ICT tools that could be used in the future. Moving forward, we hope that more sessions could be put forward for the children to improve their media literacy!