Hajj Exhibition @ Masjid Assyafaah

The Hajj Exhibition is a yearly project done by all 5 IMSSA branches in order to welcome and commemorate the Holy month of Dhul Hijjah. Alhamdulilah, this year was no different as the Yishun Boys level, on 2nd July 2023, took the initiative to organise booths to display and educate the students on several important incidents that took place.

Booths such as Safa and Marwa were set up using 2 miniature mountains to depict the distance that our beloved Hajar (R.A) ran in search of water.

Another interesting booth was the Qurbaan booth which was made by cardboard and wool for students to simulate and have a go at performing Qurbaan themselves. These are all in efforts to increase our students’ knowledge about the significance of Dhull Hijjah and Islam as a whole.

Inshaa Allah, may this yearly Amal continue with the grace of Allah (s.w.t). Inshaa Allah, May Allah (s.w.t) grant us the ability to be steadfast in our effort to organise the event every year.