Racial Harmony Day Celebrations @ Masjid Kassim

4 Muharram 1445H

22 July 2023

IMSSA (East)’s Racial Harmony members were blessed with an opportunity to participate in Masjid Kassim’s Islamic New Year & Racial Harmony Day event on the 22nd July 2023, Saturday.

The East team members were engaged in Project Unite 2023, a Gast(racial) Experience which aimed to expose our youths to the other communities of Singapore through meaningful engagement, appreciate the diverse make-up of Muslims in Singapore and share, as well as, appreciate the various ethnic foods with participants of various identities.

IMSSA members shared Indian snacks murukku, samosa and masala tea with the participants for this Gastracial experience. Participants had to guess what ingredients were used in these snacks and how these ingredients play an integral role in Indian cuisine. 

Following that, the participants were engaged in Conversations on Race & Religion – Building Connections where they uncovered complex and thought-provoking topics about interfaith and multicultural relations through surface toolkits kindly provided by National Youth Council.

Participants had a meaningful session where they explored the toolkit and discussed about complex issues, facilitated by the facilitators. 

As part of Racial Harmony Day commemoration, our IMSSA East members baked cupcakes to to given away to their neighbours as a token of appreciation and celebration of Racial Harmony in Singapore. In addition, members organised traditional games, kacang puteh, Trivia quiz as well as pledge writing activities in our IMSSA booth.

Alhamdulillah, we managed to bring smiles to the those visited our booths as well as to our neighbours whom we have shared the gift of harmony with. It was truly an eventful and meaningful day at Masjid Kassim, commemorating Racial Harmony in Singapore. We look forward to participating and organising more meaningful activities for our community, Insya Allah!