Willing Hearts “Thanksgiving & Blessings”

4-5th February 2023

13 – 14 Rejab 1444H

As the first event of the year, IMSSA’s East division had the opportunity to work with Willing Hearts in their “Thanksgiving and Blessings” celebrations. The celebrations aimed to gather all their volunteers and honour their efforts during the CNY festive season.

We contributed to their event by preparing a special array of food for a whopping 1000 individuals. These individuals are a part of Willing Hearts’ initiatives, namely dedicated volunteers and beneficiaries. Our Hotmeals team from the Community Welfare subcommittee was activated for this very important task!

For such a big scale effort, several people from the IMSSA East team made time to help with cooking preparations such as cutting, washing and weighing needed vegetables, a day prior. It was not a easy feat but alhamdullilah for the team effort!

The menu included Briyani, Chicken Masala and Black Pepper Chicken. Moreover, the Boys team had their very own live Prata station where they served hot and fresh pratas for the volunteers there.

Willing Hearts Volunteers enjoying their food!

This was indeed a meaningful experience as it was our first collaboration with Willing Hearts.

As Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) had mentioned,

“Feed others, spread the (greeting of) Salam, then you will enter Paradise in security.”

(At-Tirmidhi 1855)

Indeed, it was an enlightening event to see the many people from different races and religion working alongside one another! Alhamdullilah! May Allah (swt) give us more of such opportunities to serve the community! Ameen.